Thursday, 5 September 2019

Bug Diaries - Concept Art

Worked closely with the first art director Jean Michel Boesch and director, Gilly Fogg at the very beginning of the project when the team and the studio were just starting, to define the final style of the backgrounds and light and colour for the show. Before the team of background colour began I was in charge of producing final concepts, style guide and background colour tutorials to help train the team on background painting. 
Further in the production I moved to storyboarding where I helped define the camera use, staging and acting of our characters and the world of these little bugs. The goal was to infuse a sense of wonder in this miniature world with the camera use and establish clearly the interaction between the real and the bug world.

It was a really exciting team and project to work on and it has shaped as a very lovely show. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

All images are © Amazon Prime

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Shifting to Tumblr

Hi everyone!!!

I have finally decided to shift the blog and diary of my adventures in art to Tumblr and join the new millennia. So from now on, please join me in this Tumblr address, as I will be posting everything in this site:

Thanks a million guys!!!!!!!!! See you there!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


In this exciting advertisement we continue Uli Meyer's Domestos saga and we distil the apocalypse feeling of all the huge budget films and we twist it in a big cartoony flip, making our main character, the “Prime Grimminster”  and the audience the “Germkind”, run for their lifes.

A huge threat has come upon germkind, doomsday is here, there is no escape...
My mision here was to design the exciting storyboards and character design for the animation and rigging team.

Title: Domestos Advertisement 
Services: Storyboard Artist, Character design
Company: OutpostVFX

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Industry Workshops 2017

Last week we had an absolute blast at the INDUSTRY WORKSHOPS_INFO in London!!! Loved meeting all the amazing and crazy talented artists there and humbly sharing stage with friends and idols! Thanks for coming to those that suffered my Spanish accent in my talk about "stylizing with soul" and my demo in April  Can't wait for next year!!! See you there!!! :D :D :D

 Some more pics from friends from the event !!! Make sure to check it out next years!!! Awesome times!!! :D