Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Imagine FX issue 51 article and Brain Waves

Hi Guys!!!! I got to help the guys at #ImagineFX Magazine in issue 151 and wrote a little bit about Mindfulness in Art, Meditation and Alpha State of the brain while creating as a professional artist. Along with my friends Simone Giampaolo, Izzy Burton, Chris Drew and Francesco Mazza, we breakdown how to manage stress and expectations and get focus and open while creating. Don't miss the article, everybody's insights are awesome! :D :D :D

And as a bonus, I always share the mindfulness anecdote of Einstein. When he was to have a power nap in his chair, he would hold a ball in his hand to wake up with the sound of it when it would fall to the ground. Like that he would be able to take notes of all the ideas he would get in that transitional moment when he was almost asleep, in which all the best ideas come and tons of Aha moments happen.

This transitional moment is known as the Alpha State, same as when meditating or creating. I share here the playlist that helps me to get into it for my Full Focus Blocks at work, when I get my full focus and potential and get the best of the brain juices to solve the most difficult and important designs. It helps the brain to flow and relax, but also be focused and receptive! The web is full of these playlist!!! Enjoy!