Monday, 26 December 2016

Mr Maurice

IT 'S ALIVE! The all cute, sleepy but suspicious, Mister Maurice, my first ever 3d ECCE HOMO!!!!!! :D Wanting to explore and highly inspired by the workshop I did on anatomy, realistic and stylized sculpture and character design from Scott Eaton and Michael Defeo on the BFX this year, I have sculpted one of my character sketches!!! HOW COOL is to see a character taking shape in front of you! Absolutely thrilling! Love it so much!! With the amazing mentorship of Linda Joyce! :D Cheers!!!!! 

Monday, 19 December 2016


A little selection of some of the most successful Inktobers from this 2016 year. Taking the awesome chance to explore ink pen and brushes, I took it and explored the style of some of my favorite ink character designers, Hans Ketchum and Searle and reinvented some of my favourite characters in their styles. An amazing exercise!!! :D

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Hi guys! Recently I had the pleasure to work in two exciting projects with the talented guys at Kube Productions as a Storyboard Artist and Story Artist. You can see some of the work here:

Title: Off Track
Client: Advertisement pitch project
Services: Storyboard Artist, Story Artist
Company: Kube Productions

I teamed up  with Kube Productions to make this pitch for an insurance company. The idea was to take a little boy into and exiting adventure "off track" to get an ice cream before his parents notice it. This was in line with the company acttitude of "live an adventure and take the opportunities of life". 

Title: Aim Attitude Advertisement
Client: Aim Attitude
Services: Storyboard Artist, Story Artist
Company: Kube Productions 

Aim Attitude, knocked at the door of Kube Productions ( to do it´s company advertisement. We teamed up to develop a very cinematic experience that would represent the company´s philosophy and work. This is the Storyboard I developed with Dave and Sam from Kube.  You can see some the final result and making of here:

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Post apocalyptic city matte painting progress

Hi there!!!! I would like to share the process of my last piece, a post apocalyptic city shot, trying to get more realistic, further from my usual super stylized way of designing and more VFX-ish and closer to the matte painting realm.

This has been a funny one, started as you can see with a tiny sketch in the corner of my notebook, you can even see the notebook horizontal lines. I saw some potential in the composition so I decided to take it further in a super rough tonal sketch until the value structure was working. Then start finessing and photobasing to bring the detail. I had a little bit of art directing from my friend Lorenzo Tosi, which made an awesome improvement and then to the final!!! Hope you guys like it!!! I have learnt tons! :D :D