Friday, 30 January 2015

New facebook art page and this month character design challenge: PIRATES!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! It is finally here, I have finally created a facebook art page where is going to be easier to share things and start the conversation. Sometimes I will post there links from this blogs, sometimes special content will be there! Stay tuned in

And second, here it goes my submission for the awesome character design challenge group...this month, PIRATES! Have a look to all the brilliant submissions here:

"- Have I ever told you about that time we encountered those Italian pirates on Delaware Bay? We had a hell of a time with them!
- …
- Those were bloody good times, ain´t them? The Golden Age of Piracy!!!!
- ….
- After crossing the Atlantic, we were heading to the town of Lewes, totally exhausted. I remember that day was particularly hot, not even a fly was moving…"

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Frozen Fortress

After a year full of learning, there it goes the first design of this brand new one! This time is a finished environmental design, a frozen fortress in the mountains! Enjoy!

Tras un año lleno de aprendizaje, ahí va el primer diseño de este recién estrenado año! Esta vez es un diseño de escenarios, una fortaleza congelada en las montañas! Espero que os guste!