Thursday, 23 October 2014

Rough animation!

I did an amination! Inspired by my friend Joe Darko and the funny animations that we did on the bus trip to London last week, I tried to do an animation about "When Tarzan meets Jane". Is my first try ever, a lot of things can be better but, you know, just trying new things out! :D

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mysterious garden!

I dropped by in Environment of the week and I felt that I couldn´t scape from this week topic: Mysterious Garden! So here it goes my entry! I tried to push the style with something more painterly and loose and playing with the light between the huge vegetation! Always keep on trying new things. A lot of fun! :D

She took another long breath, because she could not help it, and she held back the swinging curtain of ivy and pushed back the door that opened slowly – slowly. Then she slipped through it, and shut it behind her, and stood with her back against it, looking about her and breathing quite fast with excitement, and wonder, and delight.
She was standing inside the secret garden.
— From author Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden (1911)

De pasada por el "escenario de la semana" sentí que no podía resistirme al tema de esta vez: el Jardín Misterioso! Así que hice mi propuesta! Intenté llevar al límite el estilo con algo más suelto y difuso, jugando con la luz entre la vegetación. Seguimos experimentando. Ha sido muy divertido! :D