Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bar sketching compilation!!!

Last year I got into the amazing habit of losing myself in cafes and pubs to discover lost stories in random everyday people and neighbors, distilling their essence in tons of sketches. This has not only been terribly inspiring, eagerly discovering personalities, exploring styles and opening a huge world around me, but also lead to the creation of my city´s Drink and Draw group!! The idea spread and some artists friends loved it, so we started to do it together and created the group, enjoying now endless afternoons sketching everywhere with new local artists joining us every time. So much fun and absolutely recommend it!!! And is so addictive!!! :D

Here I share with you some of the sketches I have been doing, exploring styles and trying to contain as much story and personality in one single sketch as I can. Cheers!!!



What an awesome time!!! 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Harry Potter redesign

Hi guys!!!! To quick off this new year with a little bit of magic, I would like to share with you the Harry Potter redesigns for animation I did developing one of my Inktobers. I submitted one of them, Snape, to the amazing Character Design Challenge and got a lovely 2nd position on the Special Juror´s Choice, the awesome Jean-Baptiste Monge. He dedicated some kind words to my design ***always*** that I copied below. What an honour!!! I cannot be happier!!! Thanks tons guys!

"So my 2nd favourite is for Almu Redondo and his Rogue, particularly succeeded, who represent in the same time the universe of Harry Potter and the character himself that we read through the pages."
Jean-Baptiste Monge, Harry Potter redesign Juror, December 2016